It passed

A few things I am grateful for over the last few days:

The insane task I have struggled with, rewritten, revised, and fretted over for weeks if not months…finally passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That my girls love me no matter what.

That my parents are always there.

Christmas trees.

A reminder that the insanity that schooling can be is important, but that my biggest education is coming through being in a classroom everyday and observing other teachers…much of the other is simply hoop jumping and must be done to achieve my goal.

Giggles over a silly quote.

A friend of Wonder’s that called yesterday and invited her to go to the movies with her. 

And, that my task passed!!



Today I am grateful for the wonderful friends I am blessed with. I can’t really put into words how much they mean to me, but I am grateful for them.


Today I am grateful for amazing things: a young gentleman who looks out for my sweet girl, for a supreme act of kindness, and for my amazing perfect girls.

Urgent care

No, I have not lost my mind…well, perhaps I have, but we won’t go there tonight.

Today I am grateful for urgent care and the ability we have in this country to get medical help when it is needed, even when the doctor is too busy to see a sick child.  Smiley has been feeling rather under the weather the last few days and we had decided she needed to go to the doctor today, but there were no appointments so I was going to take her up to UC after school.  About 10:30 one of our wonderful folks from the front office, and I mean that sincerely and not sarcastically, came dashing down and gave me the sign that Smiley’s temperature was up.  Long story short, I ended up leaving work with her in tow and we spent the next two hours at UC.  They found the problem, she is on medication and after a day or two of rest we are hopeful she will be back to her perky self.

So today, I am grateful for options that do not include the ER when my child is sick.  I am grateful for medicine to help her rest and heal.  I am grateful for bosses who do not blink an eye when I need to leave to tend to a sick child. I am grateful for an older daughter who when push comes to shove really loves her sister and has been kind and loving to her today.  I am grateful that in the laundry list of horrors that a mother thinks of when their child is having dizzy spells and such that it is just a viral infection that will clear up in a few days.  In short, I am grateful for urgent care today.


Catching up…

Hi all, no I haven’t forgotten about the daily gratitude posting.  It has been a crazy week one way and another and it has made me think quite a bit.  This is what I’ve come up with so far:  it is fairly easy to be grateful when things are going well, what really defines us is how and if we can remain grateful when the going is hard…soul crushing even.  And so, even during a trying time here are some things I have been grateful for this last week:

–the smile of my cousin’s little boy…I swear even in pictures that sweet boy has the smile of an angel, I have decided it is like looking into the face of heaven.  I hope someday to meet him in person, but am so very grateful that he brings smiles to my face even on the darkest of days.

–the tender care of my girls when their mommy was not her normal self for a few days.  They have pampered and hugged and been sweet and kind.  They remind me daily that I am never short of things to be grateful for.

–encouraging words when I about lost it when a task was returned crucified…a task I have struggled with for weeks.  When I was ready to give up, there were those who reminded me that I could figure this out, and reminded me that this too shall pass.  With their encouragement the revisions have been made and the task resubmitted.

–watching a football game, or two, or three with Dad.

–the examples of the amazing women that I know, I am very grateful to have such strong women to gain strength from.

–for those that never give up and who stick by me even on the rough days.

–for actually sleeping in until 7 two days in a row, which just does not happen these days.

Yep, even in the dark and dreary days there are still things to be grateful for.

It’s done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, the exclamation points may be a titch overdone….but, I have worked on this stupid assignment for weeks now…twice.  The first time I did it, I just couldn’t make it come together, might have had something to do with the fact that I was not doing it right.  So, I scraped it and started over.  I have no idea if it will need revisions, and right at this moment I don’t especially care, and those of you that know me, know that I normally care.  I take great effort to do my tasks well enough the first time that they do not need revisions….but this task has been such an unbelievable nightmare for me that I do not care.  I have done my best and if it needs revisions, then I will make them.  For tonight, I am grateful the crazy thing is finished and submitted.  I need to write one more essay and then my term is officially over and that too is something to be grateful for.

A little p.s. funny for those that may need it tonight, and I count myself among those: spell check does not like me and my made up words…like titch…heehee.  Okay, perhaps I’m a titch sleep deprived this week.  Time to fee the cats who are seriously upset with me because if anyone dislikes time change more than me it is the cats, but I have little intention of being awakened at 3 in the morning to feed them.